Consistency & Commitment

Well hello again!

I fell off the radar for quite some time but I am back and making a revised commitment to you – and myself – because I really am blogging for myself, as free therapy, and secondarily for you, in case my rambles help you.

My commitment – I will post 2-3 times a week. Why so specific? Because setting parameters (ie: hard numbers) makes reaching goals actually tangible and tracking/metrics appeal to me (even though I would classify myself as the creative type vs math/science girl). As you can tell if you’ve perused my other posts, I am incredibly consistent in some areas of my life like working out, meal planning, making time for friends and family, etc..BUT..not so much when it comes to turning the focus inward and following through with activities that support me dealing with my inner issues. I use the word issues somewhat lightly, because hey, we all have our own issues and inner struggles. I plan to start digging down deeper on mine, hopefully it will be therapeutic because talking about my issues is incredibly challenging (even with my loved ones).

Let’s end on a lighter note, shall we 🙂 – it’s Saturday and rather rainy her in NYC but I’ve taken advantage of the indoor weather and cooked breakfast and lunch, deep cleaned the house and even spent 10 minutes meditating (so hard to actually do by the way).

I hope your Saturday proves to be enjoyable, productive or whatever you need to feel happy and at peace. I’ll be back early next week with recent eats, a fitness update,and with more on meditation.