About Me

Thanks for stopping by Kale Me Katie!

My name is Katie and I am 32 years young and moved to Manhattan with the “hubs” (Andrew) for a career opportunity a year ago. In no particular order, you’ll learn of my love for coffee, fancy salads, family, being active, baking, weekend trips, sweet treats, online shopping, my friends, TV series binging, eating, the great outdoors and of course the hubs.

just me

About KMK: After years of following other lifestyle and health blogs, I finally realized that I too wanted to share my life with others. Plus, my mind tends to endlessly race, sometimes the end product could be of value to you (and possibly therapeutic for me)..see we both win!

My little blog will cover aspects of my life, with a ongoing focus on achieving and maintaining happiness. I chose happiness because I’ve struggled with managing stress and anxiety levels over the past few years. I would like to say it has lessened as I’ve “grown up” but honestly it has intensified. My goal is to continually bring awareness to “the good” because I know I’m extremely fortunate (but my mind attempts to convince me otherwise most days) – but my brain needs to be reminded. Don’t fret, I will not only highlight good days, meals, purchases, etc (that’s not real life)..but more so the tactics I employ to manage it better.

Working Gal: I went to college at Oklahoma State University and studied marketing and public relations. After graduating I accepted a job in…brace yourself..Indiana..in the media and advertising department at a large media company. It was your typical first job in the media world  – managing clients, tying to maximize their spend and every man/woman out for their best interests. It lasted a whole year before I got a call about an opportunity in communications at a international oil and gas company. I jumped at the offer to work in Houston and the career opportunity seemed promising.  Fast forward to seven years later..I tried out four different jobs within the organization and started to feel uninspired. I began to passively research companies and industries I liked and found my current role as a Marketing Manager at an NGO.

New City, New Life:  The hubs and I left the great nation of Texas after five, fun-filled years. It was hard saying goodbye to our families and circle of friends,  but it was to open doors for our careers. Honestly..we aren’t ready to settle down and start a family just yet (someday!), we have personal goals and aspirations we’d like to tackle first. Not to say you can’t have a family and be career/goal oriented, I know plenty of lovely ladies who are capable but for us..we wanted to shake things up.

Fast Forward: Exploring a new city and adjusting to living in 500 square feet has been quite the adventure.  Jumping so far out of my comfort zone has been invigorating and honestly has brought a new focus, inspiration and approach to life – hence this little blog being born.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and will stick around. If you have comments or questions, reach out to me at kalemekatie@gmail.com.