October Rambles

Well hi there, let’s give this a go one more time.

It’s a lovely fall Saturday in NYC – hard to believe this is my second fall in this glorious city. Last year was a blur since I was frantically attempting to adjust to a new job/home/life. On Friday we toasted the weekend with one of my favorites California reds (Smith & Hook) and my coworker buddy Siana joined the mister and I for a rooftop happy hour. After wine time, we headed to the subway to meet friends at the Hotel Hugo rooftop (double rooftop night!).  I liked the Latin/Cuban vibe and music at the bar and we arrived just in time for the sunset.

We visited with friends for about an hour before we all decided it was time for dinner. The out-of-town friends requested pizza so we walked to a nearby TriBeca casual spot called Saluggi’s.  I was pleasantly surprised by the street lamps inside the restaurant and the cost-effective menu. Our table ordered a vegetarian pizza and a mushroom, sausage and pepperoni. Both were delicious and our bill came to under 15$ a person..that NEVER happens! After dinner we decided to stop by one final bar for the night and landed on Macao Trading Company. Luckily we snagged a table downstairs which seems to be a little more of a relaxed scene. As the night went on..the music got louder and the space became crammed ha so I stuck to ordering one drink and was happy to head home a bit after midnight. We took the subway home and I fell asleep immediately! Such a fun night with wine, friends and food!