Meal Plans

When the hubs and I are in town (and not traveling for work), we cook tend to eat in most mornings and nights.

Typical work week breakfasts include green smoothies, oatmeal and greek yogurt bowls. The weekends are for homemade brunch – which means drinking tons of coffee and usually either a fancy egg concoction or pancakes.

Work week lunches are rarely planned because we keep it flexible, to match our schedules. Hubs works from home so he ventures out of “the office” AKA the apartment, for a change of scenery and my office provides groceries so I pull together a nutritious lunch a few days a week for free (bonus!). Most weeks we meet up for a lunch date, often at, so, so good.

Dinner tends to be either Blue Apron or a relatively simple protein and vegetable combination. I lean toward asian recipes and cuisine because we love the bold flavor combinations, but attempt to do myself a favor and not pick too ingredient heavy recipes during the work week.

Note: We don’t have food allergies but I prefer to eat mostly vegetables, lean proteins (lots of seafood) and a small serving of grains.