Exercising makes me a better wife, coworker, and human. Whatever form it takes, it brings me a quieter mind and makes me feel more confident.

Yet, striking a balance with fitness has been a  struggle for me the past few years. I tend to get a bit obsessive with my routine and goals and at times would go weeks without taking a rest day. Clearly that is not a balanced approach, and resulted in me getting sick and run down. Plus “going hard” everyday is not a sustainable or necessary approach to fitness.

Admittedly, I wasn’t always as motivated to exercise..cough cough.. my college years..where walking to the bar was considered my primary form of cardio (no regrets!). After college I was fortunate to join a company with a world class gym onsite where taking a spin class over lunch was the norm.  Since then, I’ve ran a few races, taken tons of barre classes, worked with personal trainers, lifted super heavy and a whole lot of yoga.

In an effort to stay balanced, weekly workouts and studio reviews will be housed here. I  signed up for Class Pass in January, so I imagine I will have lots to share with you all about the experience.