New perspectives and a new year

As I grow older…the pressure to have the perfect NYE has completely faded. Thank goodness! Gone are the days of last minute shopping trips for the perfect outfit..and honestly, I’m totally fine with closing that chapter.

NYE 2016 consisted of playing card games with some of my favorite humans, in super comfy clothes, and lots of snacks and drinks.

For the holiday season we took a  whirlwind trip to Houston to see parents (x2), siblings and friends..we jetted back to NYC on 12/27. We were greeted by a surprise visitor (a cousin from Australia) and  played tour guide with her before heading to the DC area on the 30th.  Of course the tour included a stop at Dominique Ansel’s..because frozen s’mores and DKA’s are necessary and to Milk Bar for cereal milk ice cream. All the treats!

Since our long, glorious, and much needed break from work..the hubs an I have been attempting to get back to “work mode”.  Luckily we have a four day work week to ease the transition and our guest heads back home today. To my delight the hubs requested a 30-day eating and workout plan…! We were both feeling a bit lethargic/icky after lots of treats/eats over the break.  I’ll share our plan and the meals we’ve had this week tomorrow.

Finally, instead of setting a resolution for 2017, we landed on picking a pillar to hone in on..finances. Not the most thrilling topic but so essential because we know we don’t want to work forever. This year we plan to set quarterly savings goals and to watch impulse purchases (whole foods is where most of mine happen admittedly).  I’m oddly excited to watch our savings grow.


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