Consistency & Commitment

Well hello again!

I fell off the radar for quite some time but I am back and making a revised commitment to you – and myself – because I really am blogging for myself, as free therapy, and secondarily for you, in case my rambles help you.

My commitment – I will post 2-3 times a week. Why so specific? Because setting parameters (ie: hard numbers) makes reaching goals actually tangible and tracking/metrics appeal to me (even though I would classify myself as the creative type vs math/science girl). As you can tell if you’ve perused my other posts, I am incredibly consistent in some areas of my life like working out, meal planning, making time for friends and family, etc..BUT..not so much when it comes to turning the focus inward and following through with activities that support me dealing with my inner issues. I use the word issues somewhat lightly, because hey, we all have our own issues and inner struggles. I plan to start digging down deeper on mine, hopefully it will be therapeutic because talking about my issues is incredibly challenging (even with my loved ones).

Let’s end on a lighter note, shall we ūüôā – it’s Saturday and rather rainy her in NYC but I’ve taken advantage of the indoor weather and cooked breakfast and lunch, deep cleaned the house and even spent 10 minutes meditating (so hard to actually do by the way).

I hope your Saturday proves to be enjoyable, productive or whatever you need to feel happy and at peace. I’ll be back early next week with recent eats, a fitness update,and with more on meditation.

Snow, snow, and more snow

Happy Saturday lovelies. Hopefully you are staying warm, especially to my fellow¬†east coast residents… the snow has NOT stopped today.

snowy bootsWe had grand plans to visit friends in Connecticut today but with the storm Jonah¬†madness, we opted to¬†stay in town and hunker down. Being Texans (where snow doesn’t happen too often), we were concerned about businesses being open today, so we swung¬†by Whole Foods after our workout date last night. Full review heading your way soon¬†about our experience at¬†Circuit of Change.

snow bunyThis morning consisted of cooking an¬†epic breakfast scramble¬†with¬†kale, fried shallots, prosciutto, avocado and eggs, baking oat bars, and relaxing. We ventured out to tromp in the snow around 1 and were thrilled to see our favorite local ramen spot open. NYC folks, Jun-Men Ramen Bar has¬†the best spicy ramen in town! *If you can handle/enjoy¬†spicy..I’ve noticed our palates are a bit more accustomed to spice then our fellow NY friends.


On the agenda¬†for tonight..a feast of turkey chili with sweet potatoes..hubs doesn’t care for beans, so I selected this¬†paleo chili recipe. Plus a delicious looking brownie recipe, because it’s Saturday and flourless chocolate desserts are my favorite – the denser, the better. Let’s not forget¬†a glass of wine and a movie..a snowy¬†night in is perfectly fine with me.

I realized just now our day seems to mostly be about food :)..I almost forgot we tackled a quick workout in our apartment gym to avoid hay fever before dinner. I did a quick treadmill interval blast and a deadlift sequence. I will share it with you all in my weekly workout post Tuesday.

In other news, apparently their is a snow boot bandit on our floor, love passive aggressive notes lol.
note 2

What did you do Saturday? 


Helping of Happy: Part 1

Wednesday..the day of the week where Friday finally feels reachable and despite the ongoing struggle to stay on top of work tasks..a few are checked off the ever-growing list. Sound familiar? I admittedly have a flare for the dramatic, but my mood and outlook always improve substantially by hump day.

Also, if you read¬†my first post, I’m making an effort to highlight my¬†journey to achieving and maintaining happiness. To help remind me of all “the good”, I will¬†share fun¬†finds, memories, products and¬†bits of advice that lift me up on a weekly basis.

City babies all zipped up in strollers inside sleeping darn cute..honestly I am slightly jealous of how warm they kiddos look.¬†baby strollersThe first snow! I am sure I will dread future snow-filled days..specifically when I¬†“commute to work”.. ¬†but Sunday I was thrilled to be able to play in the snow en route to yoga.first snowThe book Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, do yourself a favor and add this book to your reading list. I’ve been portioning small chunks and¬†read them when I need a laugh and escape from happy

This thai cucumber salad I pulled together randomly to bulk up our dinner last night. Impromptu recipes that turn out well always makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.

thai cucumber salad

I think I am a bit late to the party on this one but the HGTV show Fixer Upper. Maybe its because its set in Texas, or because the Joanna and Chip are adorable..but whatever it is..hubs and I both enjoy the show!fixerLast, but certainly not least, a phone date with one of my lovely lady friends, Jaclyn! We easily gabbed for thirty minutes about her wedding festivities (sooooo pumped!)..knowing I have at least three friend and fun-filled weekends coming up this year brings me so much happiness! weddinnnng

You can “Kale Me Katie”

Well hi there, thank you so very much for stopping by.

I’m¬†Katie, the lady behind¬†Kale Me Katie, a blog that will touch on a variety of¬†topics but will ultimately¬†focus¬†on¬†my quest to happiness. Sound strange? I agree. Yet, maintaining perspective and finding joy in the little things in life can be¬†difficult. Quieting a very loud mind coupled with a history of anxiety means retraining my brain is a task in itself.

Still with me? Hope so!

On to the fun stuff… I plan to share travel tales, dining experiences, recipes (do you see a theme? food is everything!), work happenings, NYC adventures, fitness and highlight what’s working on my journey to finding balance and happiness.

..and the cliff notes – I relocated to New York City in September for a much needed career and lifestyle change with my better half (AKA the hubs). Transitions are always tough and leaving family, friends and home in Houston, Texas for a studio in Manhattan has proven to be quite the adventure. More details on the move, job, and the hubs can be found in the About section.

I look forward to meeting you and hope you’ll stick around.

Question: Would you leave family and friends and relocate to a new city for a lifestyle change?