Monday Setup – Eats and Moves

Good Monday morning to you! I’m taking a break from planning my week and sipping a big coffee more slowly than normal. I’ve got a tough leg workout planned and a day full of meetings (ugh..). Without further ado –  here’s my weekly meal plan:

Breakfasts: I’ll alternate between green smoothie bowls and egg white and veggie scrambles with LOADS of coffee.

Lunches: I’m pretty spoiled and work provides materials for salads – so my lunches will include veggies and a a lean protein like turkey.

Snacks: Hummus and veggies – always..and I’ll likely hard boil eggs tonight to snack on.

Scheduled Moves…I failed to mention I was training for a half marathon for the past two months (the Brooklyn Rock’n’Roll)  but have honestly felt uninspired as of late when it comes to weight training. I participated in a few rounds of Paige’s  bootcamps a few months ago and had incredible I went ahead and registered for Lean Body Lifting and it kicks off today.  I will do a whole post of what an online bootcamp consists of but I really like the accountability and focus on eating and effective workouts.

Have a glorious day!