On a roll..

Three posts in five days..whaaaaaat?! It seems like this little blog and the act of jotting down my random thoughts with regularity is bringing me joy.  What else is making me happy you ask..I suppose it’s time for a revival of a Helping of Happiness.

  1. Scheduling 15 minutes of quiet time in the morning.

This has been a tough transition – especially fighting the urge to automatically pick up my phone to a.) scroll through social media b.) check work emails or c.) flip open my worktop to continue A or B. Instead I’ve been stretching for five minutes, sipping water, meditating for five minutes, and spending ten minutes brainstorming various creative ideas.


Here’s the planner I use and I can’t recommend it enough! I purchased mine from Amazon but linked up to Nordstrom .

2. Reading..for pleasure.

The past six months I read anxiety/happiness/self-help style books in hopes of dealing with it head on. I shifted to reading..bare with me..Game of Thrones (<—nerd alert)..and have thoroughly enjoyed decompressing and notice that I’m reading more because it’s fun..and time outside of work should be fun.


PS..winter is coming..but really..sigh..

3.  Trying new recipes because I love cooking healthy meals at home Monday-Thursday, it’s how I decompress and relax and the kitchen is closed on the weekends.

I love the two recipes from the SkinnyTaste cookbook (Egg roll bowls & Eggplant Stacks) and two from Fed+Fit (Bbq chicken potato bake & Panang curry).  I’m REALLY into curries and asian-inspired dishes as of late.


4.  Truly focusing on strength training to support my health goals.

Running was a priority but now with the half marathon done..I wanted a structure/plan to follow that I could use in my apartment gym that would take the guesswork out of the equation. Immediately the  two rounds of online bootcamps that I participated in with Your Trainer Paige came to mind. I can only speak to Paige’s bootcamps but I’ve absolutely loved having the daily check in’s/accountability, personalized macros and workouts plus weekly check in’s. The workouts have left me SOOORRREE and I can’t wait to see my strength improvements and hopefully nail a pull up or two. Plus Paige is awesome..if I didn’t mention that already..she’s full of knowledge, positive and motivating!

5. Facebook reminding me who I was with and what I was doing one, five, and even eight years ago…whattttt?!


What’s making you happy lately? Any fun food, fitness or other random finds to share?

Weekly Eats: 2

Good Tuesday morning!

I planned to share my weekly eats with you yesterday but ended up taking a sick day because I woke up with a pulled neck and shoulder. Ouch. Does that happen to any of you? I couldn’t rotate my head to the right and most of my day was spent with a heating pad, in bed horizontal. It feels a bit better today but I will be taking it easy..when all I want to do is take all the workout classes..boo.

Storm Jonas impacted our meal plan this week haha, that feels like a dramatic statement but grocery deliveries scheduled to arrive over the weekend were cancelled. Really, no biggie, we live walking distance from a few nice, small markets so we snagged dinner ingredients before cooking Sunday and last night. It made me feel a bit European just buying one meals worth of supplies haha. Luckily groceries and Blue Apron are scheduled to arrive today.

Sunday: Breakfast for dinner – because it was easy! Sautéed mushrooms, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted Japanese sweet potato wedges and a fried egg.

Monday: Chicken stir fry served over white rice, mix in’s included bok choy, red onion, mushrooms and green beans. I made a quick Asian marinade with soy, sesame oil, fish sauce and honey.

Tuesday: Blue Apron, Creamy Lemon Linguine

Wednesday: Blue Apron, Shrimp and Pineapple Fried Rice

Thursday: Blue Apron, Chicken and Sage Biscuit Pot Pie

Friday: We have happy hour with friends..I am sure we will grab a casual bite out after drinks.

Saturday: Wherever the day takes us!

Snow, snow, and more snow

Happy Saturday lovelies. Hopefully you are staying warm, especially to my fellow east coast residents… the snow has NOT stopped today.

snowy bootsWe had grand plans to visit friends in Connecticut today but with the storm Jonah madness, we opted to stay in town and hunker down. Being Texans (where snow doesn’t happen too often), we were concerned about businesses being open today, so we swung by Whole Foods after our workout date last night. Full review heading your way soon about our experience at Circuit of Change.

snow bunyThis morning consisted of cooking an epic breakfast scramble with kale, fried shallots, prosciutto, avocado and eggs, baking oat bars, and relaxing. We ventured out to tromp in the snow around 1 and were thrilled to see our favorite local ramen spot open. NYC folks, Jun-Men Ramen Bar has the best spicy ramen in town! *If you can handle/enjoy spicy..I’ve noticed our palates are a bit more accustomed to spice then our fellow NY friends.


On the agenda for tonight..a feast of turkey chili with sweet potatoes..hubs doesn’t care for beans, so I selected this paleo chili recipe. Plus a delicious looking brownie recipe, because it’s Saturday and flourless chocolate desserts are my favorite – the denser, the better. Let’s not forget a glass of wine and a movie..a snowy night in is perfectly fine with me.

I realized just now our day seems to mostly be about food :)..I almost forgot we tackled a quick workout in our apartment gym to avoid hay fever before dinner. I did a quick treadmill interval blast and a deadlift sequence. I will share it with you all in my weekly workout post Tuesday.

In other news, apparently their is a snow boot bandit on our floor, love passive aggressive notes lol.
note 2

What did you do Saturday? 


Weekly Eats: 1

Hi friends, hope you had an enjoyable weekend..we had our “first snow” and admittedly frolicked a like little kids yesterday.

Here is a peek of our menu for the week – note, lunch for both of us varies so I won’t include those meals.

Sunday: Out! After a late  yoga class, hubs and I walked to a casual grab and go restaraunt in Koreatown and made  hot boxes of goodies – mine had a seafood pancake, tofu, cucumber salad and glass noodles.

Monday: Buddha bowls, my first attempt at making these at home, I plan on incorporating quinoa, roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes, wilted kale and topping it with a fried egg and avocado plllluus siracha or ketchup. Condiments elevate meals from good to amazing in my book.

Tuesday: Asian turkey meatballs, leftover quinoa, carrot “fries” and spinach with shallots.

Wednesday: Paleo fried “rice”, loosely based on this recipe. Cauliflower, chicken, green onions, shredded carrots and bacon mmm.  Hubs actually likes cauli rice, he’s not so keen to spaghetti squash as a noodle replacement though..pick your battles.

Thursday: My first attempt at a tempeh stir fry..any tips? I plan to modify this recipe and add green beans. mushrooms and rice.

Friday: No plans! Usually this means either a dinner out with friends or date night (my fav!).

Saturday: Trip to Greenwich to hang with Alex and Audra, so whatever the crew wants, will be devoured. Excited already!

Are you trying new recipes this week?