Back again (but for real this time)

Yep, this consistency thing with blogging is a wee bit harder than I anticipated haha..imagine that. Instead of being annoyed with myself for committing to blogging and writing for my own “therapy” I’m going to forgive myself and look forward. Incessantly hammering yourself with negative self talk will never be beneficial and as my mom always says “the dialogue you have with yourself if the most important” <–she’s so wise. So since its Sunday and Sunday is when I like to shut down technology a’s a few life updates before I head out for the day to enjoy it with my main squeeze..

  • We signed on for another year with our¬†apartment – hooray for more NYC living!
  • Husband started traveling internationally for work (sigh), he went to India for nearly 2 weeks
  • We signed up for a half marathon, the Brooklyn 1/2, let the training begin!

Have a beautiful Sunday!