Weekly Workouts: 3 & 4

Happy President’s Day friends..this is my first year to participate in the holiday celebration and I couldn’t be happier to have a bonus day to rest, relax and spend quality time with hubs. We are heading out for the day soon for the museum after I make lunch – so I will keep things short and sweet!

Monday: Lower body circuit in apartment gym – I was proud for cranking this out after snowboarding for 4 days straight!

Tuesday: 30 minute treadmill run, at a steady state

Wednesday: Upper body circuit in apartment gym

Thursday: 20 minute treadmill HIIT

Friday: Total body circuit in apartment gym

Saturday: Quick body weight circuit in apartment gym

Sunday: Yoga @ David Barton Limelight – doing yoga in a gym that was formerly a club, then formerly a club..only in NYC!


You may notice I’ve shifted my workouts significantly over the last week and am placing more emphasis on strength. I signed up for an online bootcamp for the next six weeks and will share more details later this week. I plan to still hit up Class Pass for yoga, occasional cardio and weekend classes but I craved structure and the boot camp seemed like the perfect solution.

Last week catch up – I had a work trip followed by a fun getaway to hang with our Texas friends in Breckenridge..it was glorious!

Monday: Rest – travel day to Boulder, Colorado for a work retreat AKA..lots of meetings and long nights..

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Snowboarding

Friday: Snowboarding

Saturday: Snowboarding

Sunday: Snowboarding

Weekly Workouts: 1

Happy Tuesday!

I had yesterday off work (it was glorious!), so today feels more like a Monday for sure. Here’s a peek at my exercise schedule from last week – I am definitely enjoying Class Pass!

Monday: BFX barre. This was the perfect Monday class, not too intense but a good core blast and the teacher, Rachel, was great with form cues.

Tuesday: The hubs encouraged a light workout in our apartment gym..I had to be pushed a bit but was glad to shake out my legs after a long day of work. I watched the State of the Union and cruised on an elliptical for nearly an hour.

Wednesday: Nada.

Thursday:  Flywheel 45. The instructor was high energy and the playlist was perfect..love when the stars align. I was glad the arms segment isn’t part of the 45 class structure,  I don’t see a ton of benefit from spastically lifting one pound weights for a few minutes.

Friday: Kore with the hubs.  Interval training in a dark, small studio – not my favorite class structure (it felt chaotic and unorganized) but Saturday I was hobbling around, so it was effective.

Saturday: Rest, glorious rest! After checking my iPhone health app, I still clocked eight miles!

Sunday: Yoga at YoGanesh..I was hoping for a yin yoga/deep stretch class but it ended up being more of a nap then haha.

What did your weekly workout mix look like?